21 November 2004

no more crib

The past couple of days we've been trying to transition Claire from her crib to her "big bed." It's actually gone fairly smoothly at nighttime, but afternoon naptime hasn't been so easy.

We took apart the crib and stored it in the basement, which Claire took in stride, enjoying the additional space in her. The bed has been in her room since she was born, so she's used to it being there, sitting on it, reading stories or playing on it, and so on. But until a couple of nights ago, she had never slept through the night on it.

Here's a recent picture of Claire, from last week:

I'm still amazed by language acquisition and the ability of children to learn language from such a limited and imperfect sample.

Claire also seems to be able to distinguish when a language isn't English, sometimes only with a single word.

The other night we were having sandwiches for dinner and I held up my sandwich and said to her, "Sandoitchi ga arimasu."

"Noooo!" she yelled. "Claire doesn't like Japanese!"

On the rare occasion I use a phrase or two from various languages around the house: Latin, Greek, Hebrew, German, etc. I don't know how Claire was not only sure that it wasn't English, but also knew it was Japanese. Go figure.