20 December 2004

done grading

My least favorite part of teaching is completed until the next term starts and I've submitted the grades electronically.

I've got lots to do before Christmas, however, including staining and varnishing a toddler size table and chairs we got for Claire. Laurel's mother will be staying with us for a week, beginning Thursday, which will be nice, but also means some shifting around of things between now and then so that she can stay in Claire's room and Claire can move up the guest room.

It turns out that Westminster Seminary's library is closed until January 3rd, which postpones some research I was planning to do there, though that is no big deal, since I've got enough other stuff to keep me busy for a while.

Laurel is at choir practice at the moment, as the church choir gears up for the annual Christmas Eve service (pdf).

Claire and I just made some little snowmen out of egg cartons, cut up and decorated with bits of paper, felt, pipe cleaners, etc. It's always fun to do craft projects with a toddler.

Speaking of Claire, I probably should go see what she's up to since she just wandered out of the room...