06 December 2004

feast of st nicholas

Last night Claire left her favorite pair of shoes outside her room door before going to bed, expecting them to be filled with something special in the morning.

She knows that a long time ago there lived a man named Nicholas who was a pastor in the city of Myra and who loved Jesus very much. Because he loved Jesus he wanted to help the people of his town. Once there were three daughters of a man in the town who were so poor that nobody would marry them, but Nicholas left precious gifts in their shoes so they would have some money.

We remember Nicholas by leaving our shoes out and getting a special treat from those who love us and who love Jesus too. Claire also has a picture of St. Nicholas from a coloring book to color today.

If you'd like to know more about the historical St. Nicholas and the legends that surround him, I suggest the St. Nicholas Center as a great starting point.