11 December 2004


This Sunday School quarter (12 December - 27 February) at Tenth PCA, I'll be leading an adult class on the prophet Zechariah. This was something of a last-minute arrangement, but I'm looking foward to working through the book.

The blurb that I submitted for the Bible School brochure reads:

Descended from a priestly family and living after the return from exile, Zechariah delivers a prophetic message of the temple's restoration and Israel's renewal, pointing forward to a greater and final redemption. We will explore Zechariah's visions and prophecies as a revelation of Christ and who we are in him.
The first class meeting is tomorrow, so I'm busily working away on an overview of the book and a study of the opening exhortation in Zechariah 1:1-6.

If any of you have given Zechariah some thought or know of any helpful resources, please tell me about it. I'll be trying to prepare ahead somewhat over the Christmas break.