21 March 2005

edmund p. clowney

After many years of faithful service to Christ's church, particularly as a pastor and theologian, Dr. Clowney died Sunday at the age of 87, due to complications from pneumonia. An obituary is available on website of Westminster Theological Seminary where Dr. Clowney taught for over 30 years.

One item not mentioned in the obituary is that Dr. Clowney was the author of seven hymns or hymn-adaptations in the Trinity Hymnal, which is widely used within the PCA and OPC. This past week, during evening prayer at home, we had sung his verion of "St Patrick's Breastplate."

What I will probably remember most about Dr. Clowney, in addition to the books of his that I've read, were the several occasions on which I had the privilege to hear him preach God's Word, with his particular gifts for what has come to be called "redemptive-historical preaching," unfolding the riches of all the Scriptures as they are directed toward and come to fulfillment in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.