29 April 2005

some items

I'm presently snowed under by a pile of end of term grading, though relief is in sight, which is good, since I've been feeling a bit stressed the past week or so and my reserves of patience and good will are running extremely low.

After I'm done the current cycle of grading, I'll have a bit of a respite until final essays are due next Wednesday, then another flurry of grading, and the term will be done. Once I finish setting up the website for my summer online course and the busy month of May has passed, the rest of the summer break looks relatively relaxed.

I've added a list of blogs over to the right that are maintained by folks associated with Tenth PCA here in Philadelphia. If any of you know of other Tenth bloggers who should be added to the list, by all means, let me know.

In addition, further down there's a link to Common Grounds, an online community and conversation following in the footsteps by the book of the same title, that looks like it will make for interesting and edifying reading.