04 May 2005

end of term

Final essays are due today for my 100+ students, which means the next several days will be taken up again with grading.

The essays are 6-8 pages and, I hope, will help each student work through an issue of particular interest to him or her and to examine it with some thoroughness, including both their own original thinking and argumentation as well as conversaton with several figures from the history of philosophy whose views address the issue at question.

Around 40 papers will deal with ethical topics, around 40 will be on issues related to the nature of the human person, and around 30 will address matters in philosophical theology. Fortunately I gotten through grading and recording all others papers, homeworks, quizzes, and the like, so I only have to grade these papers, complete the formulae for my spreadsheets, and calculate final grades.

My next week or so will be taken up in large part with setting up a website for the summer online course in business ethics that I am undertaking. Thanks to all of you who've made recommendations about how best to conduct an online course. I'll be incorporating a number of your suggestions.

Well, time to bicycle to campus and wait for the papers to trickle in before 3pm.