15 May 2005

google sightseeing

I survived my super-long teaching day yesterday, including an hour commute between La Salle's Bucks County campus and it's main campus. But barely.

Friday night I laid on the sofa, huddled under blankets with a fever and chills. Unfortunately, on Saturday, while the chills had abated, I awoke with some kind of stomach virus. Everytime I stood up while teaching, I felt a wave of nausea. I managed not to puke my guts out until I got home, though there had been several unpleasant visits to the restroom during breaks and between classes. (I know, "too much information").

Thus I spent Pentecost Sunday home resting, sleeping the better part of the day, while Laurel, et al, went to our nephew's confirmation service at their Lutheran church in the far-flung burbs. This evening Laurel went down to Tenth to sing in the last of this season's concert series, while I listened to the webcast from home (an archive of the webcast should be available soon on the church website).

While listening to the concert online, I ran across this blog: Google Sightseeing. It includes links to all kinds of really cool things you can see from a great height via Google map's "satellite" function.

I hope to be fully recovered by tomorrow as I face three days of day-long faculty workshops.