02 May 2005

race for the cure

The annual Race for the Cure, benefitting breast cancer research, is this coming Sunday. While it is obviously a very worthy cause and it's great to see up to 40,000 participants getting involved, the Race is also always scheduled for a Sunday morning. Moreover, the Race route loops around our church making for something of logistical difficulty.

Last year Laurel had choir on Sunday morning and ended up having to exit the car, jog her way through the crowds of runners, and get to church in time for the early morning practice, while I remained in the vehicle with Claire until cars could slip through a break in the runners. This year she fortunately doesn't have choir.

The church has proposed a number of suggestions to help minimize delays and enable people to attend worship. This year, however, I think we will try an alternative strategy and visit liberti PCA, which we've been wanting to do for awhile.