28 May 2005


Hmm. I realized this morning that I haven't blogged anything in nearly a week. That's mostly because we've been pretty busy, though in a relaxing, fun sorta way.

Among other things, Berek Smith came to visit us a week ago and doesn't leave until Tuesday. Last Saturday we went with him to a festival at Philly's Italian market on south 9th Street. Then Berek watched our pets and met up with some friends while Laurel and I went away for some "couple time" together (I'll post pics of our trip later), leaving Claire with her grandparents.

Thursday was Westminster Seminary's graduation, which always is prefaced with morning seminars at the seminary, this year given by Os Guinness and Bill Edgar. I was able to finally meet fellow-bloggers Mark and Karyn Traphagen at the seminar. Yesterday we all went for a long walk and otherwise kept busy.

Today we're headed off to the Philly zoo, but perhaps I'll be able to blog something more substantive later today.