18 May 2005

sounds interesting

Coming up today on NPR's Fresh Air:

"May 18 · Is the division eroding between church and state? And should it? We talk with minister D. James Kennedy of the Presbyterian mega-church Coral Ridge (PCA), founder of the Center for Reclaiming America. Also, Frederick Clarkson, author of Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy."

Interesting choice of folks to interview. I generally really enjoy Terry Gross (and have even met my fellow-Philadelphian!), but she is usually not at her best when interviewing people who are ideologically very conservative or who are very orthodox in their religious faith.

So, if you were Terry Gross's producer and you were choosing folks to interview on the given topic, who would you line up? Stanley Hauerwas? Oliver O'Donovan? Jean Bethke Elshtain? Russell Hittinger?