29 July 2005

cough cough

I had been planning on posting several things here this week, but got sidetracked with some other responsibilities and getting sick with a mild virus for a couple of days.

While surfing around on the Web I did note that the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (ACE) has now caught up with current technology with an online magazine and even a blog. Ever since Modern Reformation and White Horse Inn parted ways with ACE, I was curious whether the Alliance would renew and maintain some kind of media presence and what that presence would look like, particularly given the re-organization of ACE around a more decisively Presbyterian/Particular Baptist axis.

We'll have to see how the webzine develops. The book reviews may be useful, at least inasmuch as reviews generally summarize the contents of a book, allowing one to preview a publication to make sure it will be worth the time and effort of actually reading it. I also expect to enjoy Phil Ryken's "Windows on the World" and, though with a rather different style from Phil's, Carl Trueman's "The Wages of Spin."

Many of the main articles, however, seem to carry forward the current obssession with discussing the so-called "New Perspectives on Paul," a discussion that, for the most part, has been disappointingly unproductive, at least outside of more narrowly scholarly cirles. Fortunately, these things have a way of burning themselves out sooner or later.

At any rate, with a bit more napping today, I fully expect to be back in the swing of things soon and perhaps will post some items here in the coming days.