26 July 2005

human trafficking

Several years ago La Salle's "Diplomat-in-Residence" program sponsored its annual conference with a focus on the issue of human trafficking, a problem particularly in parts of Asia, deeply connected with global poverty, and typically intertwined with the sex trade and forms of slave labor.

At the time my colleague who runs the program had asked me the level of awareness and response among confessional Protestants to the problem of human trafficking. While I could point her to various resources, I had to admit that the level of awareness was probably rather low among evangelicals.

One important way in which we, as Christians, can address this global problem is through increasing our awareness and discovering ways in which the Gospel can address and bring deliverance even to the patterns and effects of human sinfulness at play in an issue as large as this.

In this connection, all this week Common Grounds Online (which you all should be reading in any case) is providing a series of posts by Heidi Metcalf, Vice President of Geneva Global, outlining the problem with some stories that put a face on the horror, bearing witness to the work of Christians ministering Christ's love in the midst of it, and offering some ways in which we might all help.