22 July 2005

something to blog

Hmm. I've not blogged in a while. There's plenty to blog about, but we've been busy reading Harry Potter aloud for much of the past week, at least while Claire was napping or put to bed for the night. Personally, I think it is the best of Rowling's series thus far.

On Thursday we went down the shore for the day, which was pretty good, if one likes the beach (and doesn't mind postponing the completion of Harry Potter for a day). I'm not much of a beach person, though I think if we got rid of the sand, sun, and saltwater it might well be tolerable, which is probably why the amusement piers, taffy and fudge shops, and restaurants--all a safe distance from the beach--are a highlight for me.

The beach always raises a couple of issues in my mind.

First, why is it that, after a gazillion episodes of Oprah, The View, Good Morning America, and other such shows trying to instruct folks about what kinds of beachwear are flattering and unflattering for their body-types, do some folks still continue to make the worst possible fashion choices? And what's up with navel-piercings? And, no, a tank top that says, "My Boobs Are Real" is not amusing, even if you are 20 and still have a very perky bosom.

Second, why do people think that having a good tan is attractive? In a different era a good tan would have indicated that you were a peasant who couldn't afford to stay indoors. But that was an era that idealized milky white, alabaster skin. Still, unless one's European ancestors dwelt on the Mediterranean for the past 1000 years or so, a tan doesn't necessarily enhance one's personal appearance. When one's skin tone grows darker than one's hair color an important line has been trangressed. I suppose, however, if one would like to spend retirement looking like an old scrap of well-worn leather, that's none of my business.

In any case, as you can probably tell, a trip to the shore, along with over-exposure to the sun, leaves me in a slightly punchy mood, which of course can be cured by administering a generous dose of hard liquor...which reminds me that I'll have to blog about the fun of infused vodkas one of these days. Rosemary-infused vodka with peach schnapps and a bit of lemon is worth blogging about.