29 August 2005

classes begin

It's a few minutes before 10am, 29 August, and I've already taught my first two sections of classes for this new semester. My schedule is more or less the same as the past several autumns, with two sections of "Moral Choice," two of "Human Person," and two of "First Year Odyssey" or "FYO" a one-credit, semester-long orientation course for freshman.

As usual, the freshman are younger this year than ever, though I'm told this is merely an effect of me getting older. The annual Beloit College list concerning the incoming class, however, comfirms my perception.

I also read today in the online news that "hovering parents" are becoming an increasing problem in American institutions of higher education. Given the cost of a college education these days, however, it isn't surprising that parents are trying to guarantee that they get what they pay for.

I've got to finish up my FYO syllabus before the class meets early this afternoon, so I guess I should go. We should also say a prayer for the folks in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama getting doused and blown by hurricane Katrina.