20 August 2005

cooking log

Since Laurel and I got married, I've done most of the cooking. This began in part because I enjoy cooking, but also because when we were first married, Laurel was working a nine-to-five job, while I often got home around 3pm. Thus I was in a position to have dinner ready by the time she'd get home around 6pm. Now I keep cooking for the fun of it and as a creative outlet.

Over the years I've tried a lot of different recipes from a variety of different kinds of cuisine: Greek, Indian, Thai, Chinese, French, and so on. Several friends have encouraged me to keep some kind of log, mostly as a way of recording what I've tried, what worked and what didn't work, changes and variations I've made to recipes, recipes I've been handed down, and so on. For some reason, the idea of blogging all of this never occurred to me and the idea of writing it down by hand seemed tedious.

But now I'd decided to blog it. This is primarily for my own personal use and record-keeping, but there's nothing particularly private about it, so committing the information to a public blog seems worthwhile and might be of some use to someone else on occasion.

Thus: cooking log.