30 August 2005

katrina relief

There are all kinds of ways that you can help those affected by Hurricane Katrina, from the Red Cross to more local agencies. You might consider looking at the PCA's Disaster Response through it's Mission to North America or the Christian Contractors Association, when it comes to rebuilding.

(update: It seems that the easiest way to make a donation to PCA relief efforts is through Mission to the World. See the Hurricane Katrina "Minuteman Appeal" on their website.)

Suggestions from the PCA-MNA website:

Prayer: For those whose family and friends have died in the storms. For those who are left without homes to return to. For all who will have to rebuild their lives and their homes and recover from their losses. For God’s leading to us, as we look for the best ways to serve and to testify of God’s mercy and grace in these difficult times.

Volunteers: Ron and Judy Haynes will coordinate PCA volunteer efforts. Over time, all types of skills and time commitments will be welcome. Please register on the MNA web site, or send an email to rhaynes@pcanet.org, or call them at 636 299 1424.

Financial Donations: we anticipate great financial needs, both for the expenses of relief operations and for direct assistance to PCA families. Please prayerfully consider making a generous financial contribution. Checks should be made to MNA, designated for Hurricane Relief. You may also donate by credit card on the MNA web site, or by sending your credit card donation information in writing to MNA.

Donations of food, clothes, etc: for now, make these kinds of donations to other organizations who are making appeals for them in your area. If we later seek specific types of donations, we will let you know.