20 September 2005

celtic fest

This weekend, once again, is the annual Celtic Classic festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, celebrating the culture, heritage, and arts of the Celts: Scots, Irish, Welsh, Breton, Manx, and so on.

We're only heading up for Saturday, but the festival is three days and features five free music venues, crafts, highland games, a border collie demonstration, Irish dance, a haggis eating contest, and many other exhibitions and forms of entertainment. I'm not sure how many times Laurel's been to the festival, but this will be my sixth or seventh time, I think. Since it always falls on the weekend close to her birthday and she enjoys it so much, we've made something of a tradition of attending it.

If anyone from the Philly area is headed up for the festival, let us know and perhaps we can try to meet up, even if only briefly.