04 September 2005

la salle's offer to displaced students

As I noted below, the university where I teach is extending an offer to any students displaced by hurricane Katrina. I'm not sure if any of those young people read this blog, but if anyone who does is aware of a student in need, here is the text of La Salle's offer:

La Salle University in Philadelphia is prepared to assist undergraduate and graduate students who have had their studies interrupted by the effects of Hurricane Katrina. If a student's home institution is unable to conduct Fall 2005 semester classes, he or she is invited to inquire about how La Salle might be able to help meet immediate academic needs.

Students may inquire about the possibility of enrolling for the Fall Semester as non-matriculated students with their already-paid tuition remaining at their home institution.

La Salle will accept students until Friday, September 9, 2005.

La Salle will offer available on-campus housing at prevailing rates and provide a meal plan at no additional cost to full-time students.

Further, the University will work with the students and their home institutions to transfer credits back to the home institutions.

All inquiries should be directed to the Undergraduate Admission Office. Contact person: Melissa Yogis, Associate Dean of Admission and Student Financial Services, at 215.951.1500 or at yogism@lasalle.edu. This office will also coordinate all on-campus services for displaced students.