12 September 2005

ugh, migraine

I've only ever had one migraine before and that was about 14 months ago, so I consider myself fortunate. Nevertheless, late afternoon yesterday I began feeling a bit odd, but we ventured down to church for the evening service anyway since Laurel is in choir and I was supposed to be on call for the nursery.

The headache continued to worsen, however, with late afternoon sunlight intensifying its effects accompanied by a strong sense of nausea. After a couple of visits to the facilities, I was glad that Laurel came down from practice in the choir loft and took me home to my bed and medication.

I'm feeling somewhat better today and was able to teach, but I'm still a bit headachey and wary of bright light. The meds also make me drowsy.

In any case, since I'm not up to blogging anything substantive, I thought I'd just list books I'm currently reading or have on my pile to read, for what it's worth:
Bo Giertz, Hammer of God

John Webster, Holy Scripture: A Dogmatic Sketch

Oliver O'Donovan, Common Objects of Love: Moral Reflection and the Shaping of Community

John Milbank, The Suspended Middle: Henri De Lubac And The Debate Concerning The Supernatural

Ben Witherington, The Christology of Jesus

Richard Bauckham, God Crucified: Monotheism & Christology in the New Testament

Michael S. Horton, Lord and Servant: A Covenant Christology

Richard B. Hays, The Conversion of the Imagination: Paul as Interpreter of Israel's Scripture
Well, once the migraine's completely dissipated that pile of reading should keep me busy for quite some time.