22 September 2005

upgraded website

Tenth PCA in Philadelphia has just completed a pretty thorough redesign of its website. Overall, I think, it seems to be an improvement. The site is now, at least, more or less fully functional in browsers other than IE. That's certainly progress.

One cool thing is access to this picture of the sanctuary, which gives a nice sense of its proportions and neo-byzantine architecture. I've always thought the US flag in the front tended to detract from the worship space (whatever theological issues its presence might raise), but it's a pretty cool space nonetheless. Too bad you can't see the Tiffany stained glass in the picture.

I'll have to look through the new site more thoroughly at some point. The coding seems a bit unnecessarily cumbersome and there are some links that have been inadvertantly left out (e.g., the church library website). I do, however, like the general aesthetic.