19 October 2005

300 million

Over at barlowfarms, Jonathan raises the interesting question of what one might do with $300 million dollars if, say, a friend gave you a Powerball ticket as a gift and you won. Here's some of my list. To begin:

[1] Give 10% to the church.

[2] Figure out how much will be taken by the taxman and send it to them.

[3] Invest enough in interest bearing accounts so that the interest payments will maintain my income at its present level + 20% or thereabouts, with a likelihood of steady increase that is commensurate with increasing living costs. This would also take care of retirement.

With the remaining money, I'd attempt the following:

[4] Look into various charities in some the world's most needy areas, particularly where there are established, reputable Christian ministries to use the funds (e.g., Sudan, Uganda, India).

[5] Endow a chair at Westminster Theological Seminary in Reformed liturgics.

[6] Travel to places I've always wanted to visit or revisit: Tuscany, Geneva, the UK, Ireland, Bangalore, the American West, and so on.

[7] Purchase at least one of the old historic churches in Philadelphia that currently sits empty and unused, fix it up, and donate it to a church plant.

[8] Regularly buy season tickets to music and arts venues in Philadelphia and New York.

[9] Buy a house in the Poconos, within a few hours of Philadelphia and New York, to develop into a Christian retreat and study center, particularly aimed at college students, graduate students, and junior faculty.

[10] Do all the things Laurel would like done around the house, including a full kitchen remodeling, adding a dishwasher, and so on.

Those are just a few ideas and I could probably be persuaded towards other things. What would you do? Comment here, at barlowfarms, or on your own blog.