24 October 2005

evangelicals out of the box

Yesterday on the public radio program "Speaking of Faith," host Krista Tippett interviewed James K.A. Smith of Calvin College, professor of philosophy and author of several books exploring the intersection between evangelical Protestant faith and issues raised by postmodernity. Jamie's two most recent publications are his Introducing Radical Orthodoxy and his edited volume of papers from a conference held at Calvin, Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed Tradition. He is also a fellow-blogger with two blogs, Fors Clavigera and What I'm Reading, as well as making regular contributions to the multi-author blog Think Tank: Generous Orthodoxy in the Academy.

The interview with Jamie Smith - and a page of other information pertinent to new trends in evangelicalism, Radical Orthodoxy, and the emerging church - can be found at the "Speaking of Faith" website under the title "Evangelicals Out of the Box."