10 November 2005

lego madness

Awhile ago we had friends with a nine-year-old boy over for dinner and we dug out a box of Legos from back when I was a kid. They sat boxed up under our coffee table for a few months until Claire recently discovered them and wanted to play with them.

I was quite the Lego fanatic as a kid and so we've had a lot of fun putting together various arrangements and structures. I decided last week to try a larger project: a Gothic church with buttresses and a central spire. It was pretty cool, though on a smaller scale than I would have liked.

Thus, over the weekend, I dismantled the first church, dug up a second box of Legos and started a larger Byzantine style church structure:

The picture doesn't quite do it justice. The dome is supported by four free standing columns, while the outside walls leave large open spaces between exterior columns, making for a lot of interior light.

I wish congregations were still building churches like this, though architecture firms such as Duncan G. Stroik in South Bend, IN (he's a professor in Notre Dame's School of Architecture) may begin to change things.