18 December 2005

library thing

A couple days ago I finally started to catalog my books with an online site called LibraryThing - dumb name, but useful technology.

I've only entered about half of my books and I'm not sure when I've get around to finishing it, but you can browse my personal catalog online. One feature that I think is kinda cool is the "author cloud" that adjusts the font size of an author's name in proportion to how well- represented that author is within one's catalog (though note that I'm not done, so my "cloud" will continue to evolve as I add more books).

The website also enables one to connect with others who share similar taste in books, which is useful in terms of perusing their libraries in search of items that might be of interest. The technology isn't perfect (e.g., an overlap with another's library might be missed if different editions are owned), but it is still interesting and fun.

It's possible to catalog up to 200 books for free. After that it's either $10 per year or $25 for a lifetime.