24 January 2006

blog post categories

I've noticed (and a blog post elswhere just reminded me) that a lot of blogs categorize posts with a variety of different tags. After much thought and extensive discussions with others regarding the problems and promise of taxonomy, I am considering the following categories as possible ones that I might use:

1. Shorter than my favorite bread recipe
2. Containing the letter "q" at least 5 times
3. Written while overly tired and cranky
4. Not your grandmother's blog post
5. Involving a child, a cactus, or an aardvark
6. Conceived while out of state
7. Potentially giving Lig Duncan a seizure
8. Composed to the tune of Andy Williams' "Happy Heart"
9. Reminds me of my favorite episode of Firefly
10. What an angst-ridden 13yo girl might say

Further suggestions are always welcome as I continue to consider this matter seriously.