17 January 2006

more on wheaton

Regarding the professor at Wheaton who became a Roman Catholic, our curmudgeonly friend over at the Japery of the New Pantagruel offer us this post. The New Pantagruel, one should also recall, is a publication to which the Wheaton professor in question contributes.

Nevertheless, it is an intriguing and challenging post, largely expanding upon some similar comments that had been made on my earlier blog entry. He makes some valid points, I think, about the pitfalls of an evangelicalism that embraces "mere Christianity," particularly a version that has drifted so far from historic Protestantism's catholic moorings.

I guess I would fall into his category of "separated brethren in the magisterial reformed traditions" who "continue to exist in tide pools and rowboats where they valiantly adhere to the catholic Christianity of their forbears." Of course, I don't take quite as dim a view of my rowboat as our author might, particularly since, from what I can see, we've got a nice shipbuilding project going on at the nearby dock.

At any rate, I'd be interested in folks' comments on the New Pantagruel post.