16 January 2006

a new semester

Classes begin tomorrow and I'm still putting some finishing touches on my syllabus for them, particularly the one for "Problems of Knowledge," which I haven't taught since 1999. Unfortunately, I've misplaced my materials from when I last taught it, so I'm having to start over again, more or less from scratch.

In other news, I note that all the way at the bottom of this page, my hit counter is nearing the 200,000th visitor mark since the time I installed it. I wish I had some way of telling who that hit will be, because I almost feel they deserve some sort of prize or at least recognition.

And now, I'm off to build with legos until it's Claire's bedtime and I can get back to school work.

Update: We've passed the 200,000 hits mark, and it seems that Daniel Stoddart is the lucky fellow who did it. Be sure to remind me, Daniel, that I owe you a Guinness next time you're in Philly.