02 January 2006

new years

A blessed New Year to all.

Sorry for not blogging for a while. Our DSL connection went down several days ago and I wasn't able to troubleshoot the problem very easily. It turned out that one of the internal phone lines in our house had a problem and needed to be replaced. So now things are back in working order.

If you've emailed me, I'm still catching up. Except for a brief check on my laptop at a Panera Bread cafe (free, open wireless!), I've not be able to keep up.

I did, however, just get back from jogging 3.5 miles with the dog, which was very invigorating. After a month and a half of sedentary living (grading, wrapping, visiting, concerts, illness, etc.) and of having plates of various culinary delights pushed in front of me (cookies, candies, cheese dips, deep-fried hors d'ouevres, etc.), it was good to get active again. I'm not going to make any New Year's resolutions, but I do think the dog will also benefit from more exercise.

We're about to grab lunch and then run some errands. My mother-in-law is also staying with us for several days. So I'm not sure when I'll get back to blogging regularly again, but it'll be soon.