27 January 2006

vanhoozer on doctrine

Though I bought it awhile ago, I've only just begun to pick up and read Kevin Vanhoozer's recent volume entitled The Drama of Doctrine: A Canonical-Linguistic Approach To Christian Theology (WJKP 2005). It's refreshing to read a book that is focused on the importance of Christian dogmatics, even if it presents the doctrinal task in somewhat different categories than are conventional.

My own interests are in the general ballpark of systematics (as I mentioned below), though my approach tends to be eclectic since I'm not only very fond of some of the early Fathers, as well as medievals such as Aquinas and Bonaventure, but also enjoy (yes, enjoy) the Reformed scholastics and a variety of more recent theologians. I'm hoping Vanhoozer will fit somewhere into the mix.

Further, I fully expect that he will. Having only read about 35 pages into the book, it caught my attention that his footnotes seem to reference a cross-section of what looks like my personal library and favorite authors. Skimming through the rest of the book, I find more of the same. Given our rootedness in an significantly overlapping theological matrix, I'll be intrigued to see what Vanhoozer does with them and where he takes their thought.