03 February 2006

nobody bakes a cake...

nobody bakes a cake...

...as tasty as a Tastykake. Tastykakes are a Philadelphia-based food and have always been a favorite treat of mine, especially the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, going back to my childhood.

It used to be that Tastykakes were only available in the greater Philadelphia region, so that when we traveled far enough away from home, they gradually disappeared from convenience stores (only to be displaced by rows of weird stuff like pork rinds). Of course, the same used to be true of the Pennsylvanian German snack of pretzels.

I've always enjoyed it when I've traveled and run across sandwich shops claiming to sell real "Philadelphia style cheesesteaks." So far I've resisted the urge to corner the shopkeeper, identify myself as a Philadelphian, and demand to inspect their cheesesteaks.

So I'm curious. Do you all have Tastykakes where you live? Can you find pretzels other than the ubiquitous Rold Gold (which barely count in terms of quality)? How about Philly cheesesteaks? Scrapple anyone?

Let me know in the comments which of these Philly treats you can (or can't) find in your region.