25 February 2006

other proverbs

other proverbs

A couple of folks emailed me and asked if I had contributed any other entries to Marion Clark's A Proverb a Day blog. Since I've got nothing better to blog, I'll give you a list of the handful of entries I've contributed:

Blessed are the Peacemakers (15 Sept 05)
Words that Wound and Heal (13 Sept 05)
A Sure Foundation (24 June 05)
Of Dread and Desire (23 June 05)
Guilty Pleasures (24 June 05)
Wealth without Trouble (21 June 05)
Lips That Feed (20 June 05)

I hope these are helpful to you in some way.

One thing that writing these brief reflections made me think about was those friends of mine who are priests (Anglican and Catholic) who give short homilies daily as part of their regular celebration of the eucharist or the daily office. Several of them are quite skilled at providing direct, thoughtful, practical comments upon the lectionary text.

I can't say that I know much about homiletics, but I think it would be an interesting exercise to have divinity students be given a text, a brief time to prepare, and then deliver a few minutes meditation and exhortation. I know I've found the discipline of quickly producing these reflections upon Proverbs valuable for my own ability to articulate biblical teaching in a concise, useful manner.