11 February 2006

presbytery and church plant

presbytery and church plant

The initial meeting of the new Philadelphia City Presbytery is this morning at Pilgrim PCA (formerly OPC) in the Roxborough section of the city.

The old Presbytery was too large numerically and covered too broad of an area, making it difficult to work together missionally and as a cohesive church over such a geographically large and sociologically diverse region. Thus, as of the first day of this year, the old Philadelphia Presbytery split three ways into Philadelphia Metro West, Philadelphia City, and Eastern Pennsylvania Presbyteries, a split that was approved last year by the 2005 PCA General Assembly.

We'll be attending the opening worship service, which begins at 8:15am. The homily will be delivered by the Rev. Lance Lewis (of Christ Liberation Fellowship, PCA), with music provided by Paul S. Jones (music director at Tenth PCA) and Ruth Naomi Floyd. I hope we get a good turnout of local PCA folks.

An exciting part of the Presbytery meeting will be a presentation on a new church venture, City Church - a plant co-sponsored by Redeemer PCA in NYC and the Philadelphia Presbytery. The church will have a university-facing focus and be pastored by the Rev. Tuck Bartholomew, who will also be received into the Philadelphia City Presbytery at today's meeting.

Tuck was my InterVarsity staff worker when I was in college, while he was attending Westminster Theological Seminary, and I'll be glad to see him back in Philadelphia. He's also a regular contributor to Common Grounds Online, including this recent entry regarding City Church. Laurel, Claire, and I are prayerfully considering what role we might have in this new work and look forward to learning more about it.