01 March 2006



For those who observe Lent, the season begins today, Ash Wednesday, and lasts for the weeks leading up to Pascha (or Easter). For more information on the season of Lent, its history, customs, and practices, ChurchYear.net has a helpful page.

They are also providing some solid reading in early church documents and Fathers, taking you through ten separate sources during the forty days of Lent. They include the Didache, the Letter to Diognetus, the Epistle of Polycarp, the Letters of Ignatius, Justin Martyr's First Apology, Cyprian's On the Unity of the Church, Athanasius's Life of Anthony, five of Cyril of Jerusalem's Catechetical Lectures, Ambrose's Concerning the Mysteries, and a few select works of Leo the Great.

A person who reads through this list will have a good solid (even if selective) introduction to the early centuries of the Christian church.

A blessed Lenten season to all.