13 April 2006

1000 posts

1000 posts

Apparently I've reached the 1000 blog post mark on this blog. I'm not sure if that's cause for celebration, especially in the midst of Holy Week, but it's happened nonetheless.

It's hard to believe I've posted that many entries over the past five years. Among the most popular in terms of hits are the following:

Enns on Inspiration
The Bible in the Middle Ages
Trueman on Calvin and the Calvinists
McCarraher on the Enchantments of Mammon
Fergus Kerr on Aquinas

That's an interesting cross-section of posts. Among other favorites in terms of hits are the stories about my daughter Claire:

Of Narnia and New Life
Toddler Prayers
Toddler Breakfasts and Complexity
Secondary Causes
Mouth of Babes

Among my personal favorites in the past year are these two posts that were part of a larger conversation and which generated a lot of good discussion both here and on other blogs:

Personal Jesus
Personal Jesus 2

And, in light of the fact that today is Maundy Thursday, on which we remember our Lord's institution of his Holy Supper, these two posts from 2004 come to mind:

Eucharistic Memorial
Eucharistic Memorial - Part II

This summer will be the fifth anniversary of my blogging and I'll probably take time then to give some more in-depth reflections on the practice of blogging, how it's grown, what I've learned from doing it.