06 May 2006

cycling around

cycling around

Fortunately, this past week - final exam week at my university - also brought us gorgeous weather here in the Philadelphia region: warm, low humidity, sunny, breezy. And even better, the pollen counts are beginning to decline.

Given that $2.99 per gallon has begun to look cheap for gasoline, it turned out to be the perfect week to bicycle to campus and to run errands. I had a number of appointments with students and spent a good portion of the week on campus setting up spreadsheets for grades and beginning to work through the 100+ papers that were turned in.

Among my errands, I swung by the local Augsburg-Fortress bookstore in order to pick up a few items I knew they carried. On the way in I passed a sale table with a number of really cheap paper backs. I picked up Dale C. Allison, The Sermon on the Mount: Inspiring the Moral Imagination (Herder and Herder 1999), The Rene Girard Reader (Herder and Herder 1997), and Robert W. Pazmino, Foundational Issues in Christian Education (Baker 1997).

I'm familiar with Girard and it looks like the reader has a good selection of his work. I know Dale Allison from one of his earlier books on Matthew, The New Moses: A Matthean Typology (Fortress 1993), which I found very helpful and stimulating. I've not read his work on the Sermon on the Mount, but I imagine it will be good as well.

The Pazmino book I'm entirely unfamiliar with, though I see it's in at least the third printing of the second edition, so it must be garnering a decent readership. Is anyone else familiar with this volume or have any comments on his philosophy of education? If nothing else, the table of contents suggests that it is comprehensive.

As for gas prices, I can't really complain. The weather has been lovely and the exercise is good for me. I'm no economist but, from what I understand, increasing prices have done little to erode demand, in which case accusations of "gouging" seem a bit misplaced, though I certainly am concerned about those who live at the margins and can least afford the increase in price.

And, now, back to grading. I'm not sure when grades are officially "due," but I'm sure it's sooner than I would like.