20 May 2006

hail britannia

hail britannia

Tomorrow we leave for a ten-day trip to England in order to relax, enjoy some time together, explore history, visit friends and relatives, and (if I have my druthers) do a bit of research. Our housesitter is here and our itinerary seems, by and large, to have fallen into place despite our haphazard planning.

Laurel and I have both been to the UK before (Laurel for a whole semester in college), so we're not going to be doing the sort of trip where you find yourself checking your watch saying, "Hmm...it's two o'clock on Tuesday. This must be Stratford-on-Avon. Now back to the bus!" Rather, we'll be concentrating on somewhat more "off the beaten path" sights and, while we've formed a broad plan, matters will proceed in a more laid back, improvised day-by-day way.

Much of what we'd like to see are some bits of old Britain, primarily Roman and Anglo-Saxon, especially some early Christian sites. We'll even have the good fortune of our trip overlapping with the day on which, in the Anglican church calendar, the Venerable Bede - famous for his early ecclesiastical history of the English - is remembered and celebrated.

We'll be sure to take ample photographs and, if all goes smoothly computer-wise, I hope to post them here over the next couple of weeks.