12 May 2006



If I weren't so exhausted, I'd blog a good Claire story since she and I spent the day together. But Laurel's out of town at a homeschooling convention and I'm not up to blogging anything too coherent.

Tomorrow are the first meetings of my hybrid Business Ethics course. The class only meets three times, four hours per meeting (tomorrow, the end of June, and early August). The rest, in between, is conducted online. It worked out pretty well last summer, so I'm hoping it goes as smoothly this year.

The days we meet, however, are marathon days. I've got two sections, one at our Bucks County Campus an hour away, and one on our Main Campus. With Laurel away, I've got to drop Claire off at her grandparents' at 7:30am, make it to my first section by 8:30am, finish at 12:30pm, get lunch, arrive back at main campus by 2pm, teach my second section, finish at 6pm, and then go pick Claire back up and go home. It'll be a long day. Fortunately, I decided to skip La Salle's baccalaureate service in the evening.

Sunday morning, however, is commencement which, as usual, coincides with Mothers' Day, just to make things extra-complicated. It's really nice, however, for the moms with kids graduating. I'll re-surface Monday. Until then, adieu.