21 July 2006

israel and lebanon

There's an interesting exchange over at Christianity Today regarding the current conflict between Israel, Hezbollah, and the effects on Lebanon. The exchange is between David P. Gushee, a professor of moral philosophy at Union University, and Martin Accad, academic dean of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon:
The Middle East's Death Wish—and Ours

Another Point of View: Evangelical Blindness on Lebanon

We Risk Not Just Suffering, But Annihilation
The exchange is instructive on the complexities of these sorts of situations in the world, the real suffering they entail, the situations in which our brothers and sisters in Christ oftimes find themselves in the context of international conflict, and the way in which American policy is widely viewed in eyes of Christians who are not from the US. I only wish that the editorial folks at CT didn't feel they had to distance themselves so firmly from the material they print when their readers might find it difficult to agree with.

Update: CT follows up this earlier exchange with another piece by Martin Accad: 'Who Is My Neighbor' in the Lebanon-Israel Conflict?