09 July 2006

reformed literature

reformed literature

A blog reader writes to ask, "If you were to list 5 to 10 books that everyone should read who wants to understand a Reformed Protestant perspective, what would they be and why? Which books combine the best of both clarity and profundity?"

I've got some suggestions in mind that I've already emailed back. But what do you folks suggest? The works can be theological, historical, apologetic, biographical, or what-have-you. The idea is literature that, when taken together, would present and explain a Reformed understanding of the Christian faith in a full-orbed, faithful, and winsome way.

I already mentioned, a few months ago, Truth in All Its Glory: Commending The Reformed Faith (Presbyterian & Reformed 2004) by William Edgar, professor of apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary. What would you add?

Leave suggestions in the comments.