15 August 2006

summer break

The summer course I was teaching ended a little over a week ago. Last week, in addition to some other tasks, I finished grading for my two sections. Now, at long last, I'm on summer break...well, until Saturday when an orientation program for incoming students begins.

Tomorrow and Thursday we'll be headed up to Knoebels amusement park with Claire as part of her birthday celebration. We'll be meeting up with some friends there who have a son just a bit older than Claire who is among her best friends.

So, if I don't blog anything for awhile, it's because I'm enjoying my first official time off for the summer.

Update: I'm in the midst of helping run that orientation program I mentioned above. We're working about 12-hour days, though tonight involves a field trip, so I'll be home especially late. At any rate, I'm resume blogging sometime next week, I hope.