30 September 2006

i'm still not blogging but...

Two brief announcements.

First, some of you may be interested in reading (and perhaps signing) "A Call to an Ancient Evangelical Future."

As it describes itself, "The Call" is a document that "challenges Evangelical Christians to restore the priority of the divinely inspired biblical story of God's acts in history. The narrative of God's Kingdom holds eternal implications for the mission of the Church, its theological reflection, its public ministries of worship and spirituality and its life in the world."

Lists of those who had a hand in drafting and revising the document are available, along with a list of current signers.

Though convened by Robert Webber and Philip Kenyon (along with a group of theological editors and an extensive board of reference), "The Call" is co-sponsored by Northern Seminary, the Institute for Worship Studies, Eighth Day books, Christianity Today, Emergent Village, Baker Books, and InterVarsity Press.

Second, Ralph Smith, a missionary and pastor in Tokyo has prepared a set of excellent and informative lectures on the topic of "The Bible in Shakespeare Plays," the first in a larger projected series of lecture CDs. This would be a great resource for a high school homeschool curriculum or church media library and includes a study guide and worksheets (with answer key).

The first CD of ten mp3-format lectures is available from Covenant Media Foundation and all proceeds go Mitaka Evangelical Church's building fund as they attempt to purchase land and construct a facility in Tokyo, one of the world's most expensive cities in terms of land and buildings.

Until I resume blogging for real, fare thee well.