07 May 2007

at long last

The semester is finally over. I slept many hours over the weekend and turned in grades this morning.

Five class sections, five committees, and a fifth year review inordinately occupied my time this semester. I also made a cool little animated promotion for our philosophy department and have been busy with our church plant, especially as we think through and develop in terms of liturgy.

While I'm exhausted and relieved it's over (and while, in some respects, this semester was just plain awful in terms of work and stress), I also think I accomplished quite a bit. And with the fifth year review, I now have a nice portfolio.

So, here I am - back to blogging at long last.

As you'll have noted, I changed the template, moving towards something cleaner and brighter, though in continuity with its prior incarnation.

And I've got a lot of topics and ideas I'd like to blog about. But I'll need some time to begin to resurrect and re-collect my thoughts. Intellectually, this semester was more stultifying than stimulating and I don't feel as if I've had an original thought in months.

See you soon.