09 May 2007

summer conferences

This summer I plan to head to a couple of conferences that sound fascinating.

First, Fordham University is hosting a conference on "Orthodox Readings of Augustine," June 14-16, focusing upon conflicting interpretations of Augustine among Eastern Orthodox theologians. Speakers include Andrew Louth, David Hart, Joseph Lienhard, Jean-Luc Marion, and David Tracy, among others.

Second, Princeton Theological Seminary is hosting a conference called "Karl Barth and American Evangelicals: Friends or Foes?," June 24-27. Speakers include D.G Hart, George Harinck, Michael Horton, George Hunsinger, Bruce McCormack, John Franke, and John Hare.

There is also a conference on Peter Martyr Vermigli at McGill University in August that looks interesting.

Whether I actually make it to any or all of these will depend on how the summer progresses. At the moment, my two summer sections of Business Ethics have been cancelled due to lack of enrollment. That's a significant blow to our family income, so we'll be trying to figure out some way to supplement our finances. Any ideas or leads are appreciated.

Assuming all goes well, I look forward to seeing some of you at Princeton and Fordham.