15 May 2007

summer writing

Since my summer teaching didn't materialize, it looks like I'll have time on my hands to do some writing. Moreover, I have a very generous offer from a friend to act as a research assistant.

I have several smaller writing projects already that I need to get off my plate: a worship guide for our church, some book reviews, revising a paper I presented earlier this spring, and a couple of paper proposals for fall conferences. But once I'm finished with those (I hope before the end of May), my options are wide open.

Several popular-level book-length projects have been rattling around my head for a few years and I have a pretty good idea what I might like to spend my time on. Still, I'd be interested in any feedback readers of this blog might have.

So, knowing something of my interests and the sort of writing I do, what would you all suggest? Leave suggestions in the comments.