07 May 2007

thinking bloggers

Cynthia of Per Caritatem tagged me for this "thinking bloggers" meme. It works like this: I must list five blogs that I consider thoughtful and which I read regularly. Those bloggers, in turn, list their five, and so on.

I suppose, to keep things interesting, it's best to avoid repeating blogs I know that others have already tagged (though, unfortunately, that means some of the best are already tagged).

Here goes (in no particular order):

1. Scot McKnight's Jesus Creed. Scot has a real gift for communicating scholarship in an accessible way.

2. John H. Armstrong's ACT3 blog. Insightful commentary and reflections.

3. Religiocity. Always lots of good quotations and brief, thoughtful commentary.

4. Jeremy Huggin's junkmail for blankets. Literary thinking at its best.

5. Daniel Silliman. More literary thinking.