23 July 2007


Phew. We finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this morning.

Reading it aloud so we can do it together takes more time, but it was a lot a fun. And the book was well worth reading. As the one who did the reading, my throat's a bit sore and I'm exhausted, both from the physical effort and from the literary roller coaster of emotion and tension.

I very much appreciated the moments of humor that Rowling sprinkled throughout the volume, especially amid so much sadness and horror.

And the book's symbolism and themes? Well, what can one say? I'll be interested to see if Rowling herself makes comments in coming months.

I'm convinced that Rowling's literary work will shape the spiritual imagination of a generation in a way that will, in the end, be a great service to the church. In that light, Andy Crouch's insightful remarks from a couple years ago seem vindicated.

Enough for now, before I spoil things for anyone.

[warning: comments may contain spoilers, though I'll probably delay approving comments that say too much!]