18 August 2007

summer over

This morning, in about 45 minutes, begins a five day orientation program for students admitted to my university as part of the Academic Enrichment Program (AEP).

The AEP is an admissions category for students who, for some reason or another, do not meet our normal admissions requirements. Yet the are students who the Admissions Office believes can succeed with extra support. Part of that extra support involves a five day, academically-oriented program to get them started on the right foot, to provide basic training in study skills, time management, and so forth, to familiarize them the university and the expectations of college-level work, and to explain to them the requirements of and support available through the AEP.

Students do not apply for admission to the AEP. Rather, a specified number of applicants are assigned to the program as a condition of admission. When admitted, they remain on a probationary status for their first year and must meet some basic requirements as a condition for continued enrollment.

Programs such as the AEP (as well as the Academic Discovery Program for low-income, mostly urban, minority students) are part of our university's mission as a Catholic university in the tradition of the Brothers of the Christian Schools of St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle.

Since I'll be busy with the AEP orientation through Wednesday - which runs 8am - 9pm daily - I'm not certain how much time I'll have to blog until its over.