19 September 2007

baptismal efficacy

Some time ago, I had written a chapter concerning baptismal efficacy for a "multiple perspectives" book. I don't think that book is going to see the light of day any time soon, so I have posted the chapter on my website under the title "'I Will Sprinkle Clean Water': Baptismal Efficacy and the Reformed Tradition." It's still the first version of the chapter since the book process stalled before I got to the point of response and revision.

The chapter provides an exegetical sketch, outlining a biblical theology of baptism and then, building upon that, attempts to draw some systematic conclusions. For the purposes of the chapter, I bracketed out the question of infant baptism, though my post immediately preceding this one would provide much of the theological (though not the exegetical) content of what I would say.

I hope the chapter will be of some use, perhaps even to the discussion currently going on over at De Regno Christi should that turn towards sacramental theology.