21 September 2007

renewing liturgy

Back in the spring I had the wonderful opportunity to give a talk on liturgy to a group of mostly pastors and church planters. Their feedback was helpful in further clarifying and revising what I said.

That paper is now up on my website with one of those nicely ambiguous titles: "Renewing Liturgy." The point, of course, is that liturgy can be both a means and an object of renewal. Good liturgy - well-done, faithfully celebrated, and appropriately contextual - is one of the instruments by which the Spirit can renew and reshape us in Christ as the kind of worshiping people God seeks and the kind of community of disciples he wishes to send into the world. But, in many churches, liturgy itself needs of renewal and rethinking.

The talk is not very technical and sets aside a host of historical and detailed practical questions that have an important place. It was more of a pep talk in favor of a certain sort of liturgical vision. Nonetheless, I hope it might have some wider relevance.